Adiguna Cafe, a Cool Coffee Place with a Unique Concept in Gorontalo


Adiguna Cafe, a Cool Coffee Place with a Unique Concept in Gorontalo

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Kedai Kopi Adiguna
Rifaldi Mahmud tengah sibuk menyeduh kopi pesanan salah satu pembeli.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Coffee is indeed one of the favorite beverages to unwind for workers, and among young people, it is also claimed to bring inspiration.

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In this “contemporary” era, various presentations and ways of enjoying a cup of coffee are changing over time. It can be at a cafe, a coffee stall (warkop), or even a roaming Starbucks.

In Gorontalo, Adiguna Coffee Shop is one of the favorite places for young people to enjoy coffee. Presenting a cafe concept transported on a motorcycle, Adiguna Coffee also attracts attention due to the unique concept that often parks in front of the Graha Pena Gorontalo Post building.

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The distinctive combination of local “tubruk” coffee with a modern presentation gives Adiguna Coffee its own characteristic for enthusiasts.

With affordable prices and a unique place that is considered very “Skena” by young people, Rifaldi’s Adiguna cafe is always crowded.

Not only young people, but also many “older folks” enjoy Adiguna coffee while spending the evening on Prof. DR. Jhon Ario Katilli Street (formerly Andalas).

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Rifaldi Mahmud (23), the owner, mentioned that the idea of ​​creating Adiguna Coffee Shop initially started as an experiment with friends. He also did not expect that his coffee shop could attract public interest.

“At first, this idea came up just for fun. Instead of hanging out aimlessly, we got the idea to start a coffee business with a motorcycle as a medium, and our menu uses both traditional and modern menu items.

For the local coffee, we have ginger and for modern coffee, we have Vietnamese coffee,” said the young man from Hunggaluwa Subdistrict, Limboto District, Gorontalo.

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Regarding prices, buyers don’t need to dig deep into their pockets. Rifaldi prices each menu variably, ranging from IDR 7,000 to IDR 18,000.

“This business hasn’t been around for long, maybe only about 1-2 months. Every day, we don’t set a target; we open after the evening prayer and close until we get bored.

The prices range from IDR 7,000 to IDR 18,000 according to the quality of the coffee we serve,” concluded Rifaldi while completing a coffee order for a resident. (*)

Author: Rizki Tahtiar Dalanggo / Intern at UNG
Editor: Ryan Lagili

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