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Advancing the Region, Gorut Regional Council Ready to Support Acting Regent


Advancing the Region, Gorut Regional Council Ready to Support Acting Regent

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DPRD Gorut, Penjabup Gorontalo Utara
Ketua DPRD Gorut, Deasy S. M. Datau. (Foto: Istimewa)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Chairperson of the Gorut Regional Council, Deasy S.M Datau, extends congratulations to the Acting Regent of Gorut, Sila Botutihe.

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Deasy hopes that the daughter of the late Mayor of Gorontalo, Medi Botutihe, will bring a positive atmosphere to the region.

As a fellow woman, Deasy expresses pride in Sila Botutihe, who becomes the first woman to lead the Gorut Regency.

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“First, I congratulate you as the acting regent of Gorut and the first woman to lead the Gorontalo Regency. Certainly, this is very proud for us as fellow women,” she said.

Although Sila will not lead Gorut for a long time, Deasy hopes that fundamental changes can be made during this period.

“As we all know, the current condition of Gorut is what it is, and of course, everyone hopes for a change. And surely, this is not an easy task,” Deasy explained.

hari kesaktian pancasila

She also mentioned that they are open to the presence of the Acting Regent and ready to work together to develop Gorut according to their respective institutional duties and functions.

“Building the region is certainly a collective task according to the authority and function of each institution.

The expectations of the community and all parties must be answered with work, and that is what is awaited,” she emphasized.

Therefore, in the future, Deasy requests good communication and coordination between the executive and legislative branches to ensure the continuous improvement of the region.

“Congratulations on your duty, and show that women can also make a difference,” Deasy concluded. (*)

Author: Alosius M. Budiman

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hari kesaktian pancasila