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Alleged Alcohol Abuse: Polda to Soon Identify Suspects in Cement Bag Liquor Case


Alleged Alcohol Abuse: Polda to Soon Identify Suspects in Cement Bag Liquor Case

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Tangkapan Miras Cap Tikus Modus Sak Semen, Polda_ Tersangkanya Segera Ditetapkan
Ilustrasi Miras jenis Cap Tikus. (Dok. tribratanews.sulut.polri.go.id)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Suspected misuse and distribution of 350 liters of Cap Tikus alcoholic beverages seized by the Rajawali Team of Gorontalo City Police Department has drawn attention from the Gorontalo Regional Police.

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This was conveyed by the Public Relations Officer of the Gorontalo Regional Police, Kompol Heny R, when contacted on Friday (26/1/2024).

He stated that the Gorontalo Regional Police is paying attention to the circulation of alcohol in Gorontalo Province, including the recent case of 350 liters of alcohol wrapped in cement bags by the Gorontalo City Police Department.

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“It’s clear that the Regional Police are very attentive to this alcohol issue because the Chief of Police is also highly allergic to alcohol. Since his tenure began, alcohol has been his focus,” he said.

Regarding the alcohol seizure, he mentioned that the Gorontalo City Police Department will soon identify suspects, considering that law enforcement for cases of counterfeit alcohol may involve food laws.

“If it’s Cap Tikus, they will definitely be designated as suspects because then it falls under food laws. As far as I know, for Cap Tikus, they use food laws.

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If it’s packaged alcohol like beer, it’s just a local regulation. In this case, they can apply food laws,” he added.

Kompol Heny R continued by stating that dealing with alcohol distribution in Gorontalo Province is a shared responsibility, including the community’s involvement in curbing its circulation.

“So far, both the Gorontalo Regional Police and its subordinate police have been conducting intensified routine activities, including operations against alcohol.

However, during every operation, there are still instances where members find hidden alcohol being sold,” explained Kompol Heny.

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“Furthermore, in border areas, the Gorontalo Regional Police have been making efforts to inspect every vehicle entering Gorontalo Province. If some manage to slip through, we kindly request cooperation from the community to promptly inform the nearest police authorities,” he concluded. (*)

Writer: Riyan Lagili

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