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Alyun: Anies’ Agropolitan Program Relevant to RG Party’s Program


Alyun: Anies’ Agropolitan Program Relevant to RG Party’s Program

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Alyun_ Program Agropolitan Capres Anies Relevan dengan Program RG
Ketua Bidang Komunikasi Publik DPW Nasdem Provinsi Gorontalo, Alyun Hippy dalam konferensi pers di Angelato Cafe, Kota Gorontalo, Sabtu (13/1/2024). (Foto: Iwan/ HARGO)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Several programs proposed by presidential candidate number one, Anies-Muhaimin (AMIN), align with the Nasdem party’s initiatives led by Rachmat Gobel and already implemented in Gorontalo. One of the relevant programs is the agropolitan program.

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This was conveyed by Alyun Hippy, the Head of Public Communication for the Nasdem Provincial Executive Board in Gorontalo, during a press conference and gathering with journalists at Angelato Cafe, Gorontalo City, on Saturday (1/13/2024).

“The agropolitan program, as a working program for the presidential candidate in Gorontalo, is highly relevant to what Rachmat Gobel has been working on,” said Alyun in his statement to the media.

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He explained that the agropolitan program aims to boost the productivity of agricultural commodities through education and training for farmers to transfer knowledge and agricultural technology.

It also aims to maximize the assistance of agricultural machinery from the central government to Gorontalo.

He also pointed out that the focus of AMIN’s work in the agricultural sector through the agropolitan concept is born out of Gorontalo’s existing adequate infrastructure, including the Anggrek Port developed and operated purely by the private sector.

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“With the presence of pure private investment in the Anggrek Port, it depicts a very favorable investment climate in Gorontalo,” he said.

This is considered to attract the interest of other investors to develop investments in the food industry sector, which will also utilize raw materials from the agricultural commodities produced by Gorontalo.

“Thus, the development of Gorontalo’s agricultural sector can transition from relying solely on commodity trade to trading goods produced by the agricultural industry, whether in the form of semi-finished or finished goods,” he explained.

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Alyun further explained that the economic gravity resulting from the presence of the Anggrek Port will also address the challenges faced by Gorontalo.

“This will have an impact on Gorontalo, which is the fifth province in Indonesia with the highest percentage of poor population and facing the issue of high unemployment rates due to limited job opportunities in Gorontalo,” said Alyun.

During the press conference, Alyun also elaborated on the development of the Anggrek Port using the Government and Business Financing Cooperation scheme.

“The concession for development granted by the government through the Ministry of Transportation is 35 years. Private entities, in the form of business entities, invest and operate the port facilities for that period, and after that period, ownership returns to the government,” he explained.

“The pure private investment (Non APBN) for the development cost of the Anggrek Port is 1.3 trillion Rupiah. The development investment of the Anggrek Port is carried out by PT. AGIT Internasiona, a consortium of several private companies,” he added.

Currently, according to Alyun, the development stages of the Anggrek Port are in the environmental impact assessment stage and the finalization of other permits.

“These stages are prerequisites for the implementation of the construction project to avoid legal issues that could disrupt the investment,” Alyun said.

He also emphasized that the development of the Anggrek Port goes beyond just the dock and other facilities in the port area. The development also includes a special economic zone as an economic buffer zone that sustains the port and ensures the return of private investment in the Anggrek Port.

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“Thus, this pure private investment does not burden the state financially. On the contrary, the state benefits because it does not incur costs to develop infrastructure at the Anggrek Port,” he concluded. (*)

Author: Sucipto Mokodompis

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