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Candidate for the Indonesian House of Representatives Visits Pinogu, Residents Say: Only Mr. Sawaludin


Candidate for the Indonesian House of Representatives Visits Pinogu, Residents Say: Only Mr. Sawaludin

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Caleg DPR RI ke Pinogu, Warga_ Baru Pak Sawaludin
Caleg DPR RI dari PPP, Sawaludin (Mengenakan sweter warna putih) harus turun dan membantu kenderaan lain yang terjebak dalam lumpur agar sampai ke lokasi kampanye di Kecamatan Pinogu, Rabu (24/1/2024).

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Sawaludin, a legislative candidate from the United Development Party (PPP) for the Indonesian House of Representatives with number 3 on the ballot, becomes the first candidate to visit Pinogu District.

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This is based on Marten Laji’s (37) statement, one of the residents of Pinogu, after attending a PPP dialogic campaign on Wednesday (24/1/2024).

“I am very amazed by him (Sawaludin). Because he is the first one who dares to come to Pinogu and traverse extreme roads. So far, before and after elections, no candidate for the Indonesian House of Representatives has ever come here. Usually, they only send campaign teams,” Marten expressed.

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Marten added that he and the residents have a strong desire to meet with the legislative candidates to voice complaints about the road improvements to Pinogu at the national level.

According to Marten, the meeting must be in Pinogu, so that the legislative candidates who come can feel what the people of Pinogu feel.

“Alhamdulillah, only Sawaludin has made it here, no one else has ever come before. Therefore, we, the residents here, take advantage of the opportunity that has never happened in every legislative election campaign, where legislative candidates come to Pinogu,” Marten stated.

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Like Marten, Ishak Nauti (70), a resident of Dataran Hijau Village, admitted that what they have been hoping for is the repair of the extreme roads, which have been promised but have not been realized until now.

“Even in the previous government, it was promised, it was even said that not even a fraction of the road to Pinogu could be completed, despite the budget of billions promised, but now, until the end of the term, nothing has been realized,” Ishak explained.

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Ishak and other residents only hope for the improvement of the roads, which have only been promised during campaigns, to be realized by Sawaludin.

It is noted that Sawaludin’s visit with his team to Pinogu is in response to the sympathizers’ request to conduct face-to-face campaigns in the area.

Residents requested that Sawaludin and his team must traverse the extreme roads, using motorcycle taxis with quite expensive fares, with a travel time of approximately six hours.(*)

Author: Deice

hari kesaktian pancasila