Dear Residents of Bone Coastal Area, Managing Population Documents is Now Possible at the Auditorium


Dear Residents of Bone Coastal Area, Managing Population Documents is Now Possible at the Auditorium

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Dear Warga Bone Pesisir, Ngurus Dokumen Kependudukan Kini Bisa di Auditorium
Plt Bupati Bone Bolango, Merlan Uloli didampingi sejumlah pejabat dan tokoh masyarakat ketika foto bersama dengan masyarakat penerima bantuan bahan pokok, Sabtu (6/1/2024).

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Good news comes from the Bone Bolango Regency Government for residents of the Bone Coastal area in need of population document processing services.

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Yes, Bone Bolango residents residing in the Bone Coastal region no longer need to travel far to the district center and spend a significant amount of money for population document processing.

Soon, the Bone Coastal Auditorium located in Tihu Village, Bonepantai District, will be utilized as a place for population document processing.

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“We will soon inaugurate the use of the Bone Coastal Auditorium building for population document services. We all know that this Auditorium was built in preparation for the formation of Bone Coastal Regency.

So while waiting for Bone Coastal Regency to be established, we will utilize this already built facility to serve the people in the Bone Coastal region,” said Merlan Uloli during his visit to distribute aid packages to poor families in the area on Saturday (6/1/2024).

“No longer will there be residents from Bone Coastal traveling to the district or the Bone Bolango MPP in Suwawa to manage population documents. Everything will be served at the Bone Coastal Auditorium,” Merlan added.

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According to the former Head of Dukcapil City of Jayapura, Papua Province, they are currently planning to furnish the facilities inside the building, including tables, chairs, and others.

“I want the people of Bone Bolango, especially the residents of Bone Coastal, on the 21st anniversary of this region in 2024, when managing population documents or services provided by the local government, to be happy. Because we create this innovation to make it easier for the community in terms of services,” said Merlan.

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Moreover, when Bone Coastal Regency is formed later, Merlan said, the services will be closer, more perfect, better, and more complete for the people of Bone Coastal. (*)

Writer: Rendi Wardani Fathan

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