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Debt Dispute Case Involving Candidate in Bone Bolango: Defendant Again Absent


Debt Dispute Case Involving Candidate in Bone Bolango: Defendant Again Absent

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Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The defendant in a breach of contract (default) or debt dispute case with case number 21/Pdt.G.S/2023/PN Gto, identified as RD, once again failed to appear at the trial held by the Gorontalo District Court on Thursday (28/12/2023).

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The exact reason for RD’s absence from the session presided over by single judge Hascahyo is unknown. Despite information indicating that RD’s legal representative was present at the Gorontalo District Court, RD’s lawyer was not in the courtroom when the trial began at 10:57 Wita.

The absence of RD’s legal representative surprised single judge Hascahyo because, before the trial started, RD’s lawyer had signed the attendance sheet.

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“Where is the defendant’s representative?” Hascahyo asked, glancing at the attendees.

After waiting for several minutes and confirming the absence of the defendant’s representative, Hascahyo postponed the trial, rescheduling it for Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

“Today’s session is postponed and will be resumed on Wednesday, January 3, 2024,” he said.

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RD, listed as a permanent candidate in the General Election Commission’s (KPU) Bone Bolango, nominated by a major party in Gorontalo as a DPRD Bone Bolango legislator with number 2 in Kabila Cs, is allegedly involved in a debt dispute for refusing to repay a loan of IDR 430 million to Yopi Abas.

“I helped this defendant by lending him my money. Now, I’m demanding my money back, and I’m the one begging. It’s my money,” said Yopi.

Unhappy with the situation, Yopi Abas, through his lawyer Rio R. Ruchban, filed a lawsuit against RD in the Gorontalo District Court.

Rio explained to the media that the debt dispute between his client and RD had been going on for seven years, starting in 2014. At that time, RD sent someone to borrow IDR 100 million from Yopi Abas.

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“The money was promised to be repaid one month after the project was completed,” Rio said.

Before settling the debt, Rio continued, the defendant sent someone to borrow another amount of IDR 30 million with an agreement to settle the entire loan within seven months, as agreed.

“In November 2015 and in 2020, the defendant again sent someone to borrow money totaling IDR 100 million. When borrowing, the settlement process for the first and second loans had not been completed,” Rio emphasized.

After the agreed-upon repayment period expired, Rio added, the plaintiff then contacted the defendant through the person sent, but it did not yield results.

“The plaintiff met with the defendant, but it was brief, and the defendant handed over a check in the name of CV. Alfaith for IDR 45 million. Unfortunately, after checking, the check was found to be empty,” Rio said.

According to Rio, due to RD’s actions, his client suffered a loss of IDR 230 million. This amount, he said, does not include the agreed-upon terms between both parties.

This breach of contract case began to be heard on Thursday (21/12/2023), which RD did not attend during the first session. (Editorial Team)

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