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Fima Agustina Talks About Karawo and Stunting as Aspiration Dialogue Speaker


Fima Agustina Talks About Karawo and Stunting as Aspiration Dialogue Speaker

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Fima Agustina, Narasumber, Dialog Aspirasi
Fima Agustina saat menjadi narasumber dalam program Dialog Aspirasi di Suara Radio Hulonthalo, Senin (4/12/2023). (Foto: Diskominfotik)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Chairperson of the Gorontalo Provincial Family Welfare Movement (TP PKK), Fima Agustina, participated in an aspiration dialogue program on Suara Radio Hulonthalo, Monday (4/12/2023).

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Fima Agustina, who also serves as the head of the Regional Handicraft Council (Dekranasda), was a guest speaker in the radio program.

During the session, Fima shared that Gorontalo Province has numerous potentials worth promoting to the wider community.

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“The karawo cloth is one of the many distinctive crafts of Gorontalo,” Fima began explaining her achievements.

“It’s regrettable if this potential is not taken seriously by the people of Gorontalo and instead becomes more famous elsewhere,” she added.

According to her, there is a need for a Governor’s Circular to encourage every business actor to showcase Gorontalo’s distinctive crafts in their establishments.

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“I’m thinking about how karawo is more popular outside than among ourselves,” she added.

This Governor’s Circular has been approved and signed by Acting Governor Ismail Pakaya in Circular number 556/DISPAR/1241/XI/2023.

In the Circular, the Acting Governor encourages hotel entrepreneurs and Civil Servants (ASN) to promote embroidered karawo fabric.

Not only that, as the head of TP PKK, Fima and her team have initiated various innovative programs to reduce stunting rates.

One of them is adopting Poowo Barat Village, Kabila District, Bone Bolango Regency, as a PKK fostered village.

This fostered village is filled with various counseling and education sessions about parenting and healthy food preparation.

“We also initiated the PKK Goes To School program at SMA 4 and SMA 7 Gorontalo,” said Fima Agustina.

“In this program, we instill Islamic values in children so that they can become a generation with noble character,” she continued.

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PKK Goes To School has been ongoing since August 2023, involving several relevant government agencies.

“Plans are underway to continue this program by targeting several schools ready to implement the program,” she concluded. (Release)

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