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Free Healthcare Services in Coastal Bone, Merlan Brings 4 Specialist Doctors


Free Healthcare Services in Coastal Bone, Merlan Brings 4 Specialist Doctors

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Layanan Kesehatan Gratis di Bone Pesisir, Merlan Hadirkan 4 Dokter Spesialis
Pelayanan kesehatan gratis di Bone Pesisir yang dilaksanakan Pemerintah Kabupaten Bone Bolango.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Bone Bolango Regent, Merlan S. Uloli fulfills his promise to provide free healthcare services for residents of Bone Bolango in coastal areas.

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Yes, on Thursday (1/2/2024), the free healthcare services were conducted by Bone Bolango Regent, Merlan Uloli. Remarkably, in fulfilling his promise, Merlan Uloli brought along four specialist doctors. They specialize in internal medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, and ophthalmology.

The presence of these specialist doctors adds to the appeal for residents to seek medical treatment. For a long time, they have wanted to consult specialist doctors but have been hindered by costs.

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“The free healthcare services with specialist doctors greatly assist residents in the coastal Bone area,” said Coastal Bone Resident, Kasman Tangahu.

Kasman mentioned that he complained of leg cramps, blurry vision, and other ailments to the specialist doctors. According to him, the doctors immediately provided therapy and medication.

“I express my gratitude to the Bone Bolango Regency Government, especially to Madam Regent Merlan S. Uloli, for providing free healthcare services with specialist doctors. Hopefully, this will help cure the diseases that we and other residents have been suffering from,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Bone Bolango Regent, Merlan Uloli, stated that his goal in bringing specialist doctors to provide free healthcare services is to assist residents in rural areas who are suffering from illnesses to receive examinations and medication from specialist doctors free of charge.

“Normally, in the city, it’s a paid service, and there’s transportation cost involved. This time, I brought specialist doctors so that all residents of Bone Raya who plan to go to the city for medical check-ups or treatment will have the doctors come to them. Let’s make the most of this opportunity,” he concluded.(*)

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Author: Rendi Wardani Fathan

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