Head of Public Relations Division Receives Visit from IWO


Head of Public Relations Division Receives Visit from IWO

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IWO, Ikatan Wartawan Online
Kadiv Humas Polri Irjen Pol Sandi Nugroho menerima kunjungan dari Organisasi IWO. (Foto: Dok. Polri), JAKARTA – The Head of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) Public Relations Division, Inspector General Pol Sandi Nugroho, received a visit from the Online Journalists Association (IWO).

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The audience was attended by the Chairman of IWO, Yudhistira M.Ikom, along with his team and officials from the Polri Public Relations Division.

The Head of Public Relations expressed that collaboration with IWO is crucial amid the Polri’s tasks facing the stages of the 2024 elections.

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“It cannot be denied, this year’s election is spectacular because it combines the presidential election with legislative elections simultaneously,” said the Head of Polri’s Public Relations Division on Tuesday (12/12/23).

He expressed gratitude for the visit and IWO’s support to the Polri Public Relations Division in carrying out its duties.

“Thank you for your support in providing objective information to the public,” he added.

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According to the Head of Polri’s Public Relations Division, collaboration must be continuously emphasized so that digital literacy can be conducted evenly.

Moreover, the digital space with calming content needs to be expanded to create a safe, peaceful, and dignified election.

He added that the lessons from the 2019 elections serve as a reference to continuously evaluate and formulate various preventive measures. One of Polri’s focuses is violence against journalists.

“As part of its efforts, some time ago, Polri invited Media Editors,” explained the Head of Public Relations.

He hoped that this audience could strengthen communication, coordination, and collaboration in maintaining public order and security.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of IWO revealed that IWO has been committed from the beginning to contribute to maintaining the country’s conduciveness to prevent division. The organization has been standing for 12 years.

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“Since the beginning, IWO has been committed and has tried to collaborate with stakeholders,” he said.

“One of them is with Polri in general and the Public Relations Division in particular, to contribute to maintaining the country’s conduciveness and preventing division,” he added.(*)

Release: Public Relations of the Indonesian National Police Headquarters

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