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Ifana’s Visit to the Gorontalo District Parliament, Syam: Let’s Avoid Polemics


Ifana’s Visit to the Gorontalo District Parliament, Syam: Let’s Avoid Polemics

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APBD Kabupaten Gorontalo, Syam: Masyarakat Turut Andil dalam Peningkatan Ekonomi Daerah, Kedatangan Ifana Abdurahman
Ketua DPRD Kabupaten Gorontalo, Syam T. Ase. (Istimewa)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Chairman of the Gorontalo District Parliament, Syam T. Ase, urged everyone not to politicize Ifana Abdurahman’s visit to the legislative building on Tuesday (30/1/2024).

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Syam had a reason for asking that the arrival of the woman who had a dispute with the Gorontalo Regent, Nelson Pomalingo, not be politicized. According to him, Ifana’s visit was only for clarification regarding her mention on live TikTok by Ifana.

“This is one of the things I need to clarify directly with Ifana. Why mention herself on live TikTok,” said Syam T. Ase.

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“I did contact her to ask her to come. However, it’s not about facilitating and it’s all about clarifying what was mentioned during the live TikTok,” Syam added.

Syam explained that Ifana often goes live on TikTok and mentions her name but allegedly doesn’t want to answer what is expected of her.

“So, based on that, at that time, we had a faction leadership meeting. Yes, we brought her directly, we discussed directly with her. What are her reasons for talking on TikTok. This is what we want to hear,” Syam T. Ase emphasized.(*)

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