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January Salary for Bone Bolango Regency Civil Servants Begins Disbursement


January Salary for Bone Bolango Regency Civil Servants Begins Disbursement

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Gaji ASN Bone Bone Bolango Periode Januari Mulai Dibayarkan. Keterlambatan Gaji Aleg, Begini Penjelasan Sekwan Gorut.
Ilustrasi gaji. (Istimewa)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Bone Bolango Regency Government, represented by the Regional Financial and Revenue Agency (BKPD), will start disbursing civil servants’ salaries (ASN) for January 2024.

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“As of today, Thursday, January 4, 2024, ASN salaries for January will be gradually disbursed,” said Head of BKPD Bone Bolango, Iwan Mustapa.

With the commencement of the payment of ASN salaries, Iwan said it signifies the trial of the Republic of Indonesia’s local government information system (SIPD), whose financial arrangements began implementation by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2024, can be considered successful.

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“The transition from the local government financial management application FMIS to SIPD RI poses a significant challenge for all local governments. But, Alhamdulillah, our trial ran successfully,” Iwan emphasized.

However, Iwan noted that the shift from FMIS to SIPD would have a significant impact on local governments. Among these impacts, according to him, is the challenge of timely payment of ASN salaries at the beginning of each month.

Returning to the payment of ASN salaries for Bone Bolango in January, Iwan stated that the salary disbursement depends on the readiness and presentation of data to be inputted by each OPD.

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He added that it comes with the condition of no system issues, such as system errors, slow server processing, or slow response from the complaint service system at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“This SIPD-RI application has a centralized system at the Ministry of Home Affairs. The application may experience slow processing or errors because all provinces and regencies and cities throughout Indonesia are simultaneously accessing SIPD RI,” explained Iwan Mustapa.(*)

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Author: Rendi Wardani Fathan

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