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Leading Coastal Patrol, Head of Water Police Boalemo Educates Residents


Leading Coastal Patrol, Head of Water Police Boalemo Educates Residents

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Patroli Pesisir Pantai
Kasat Polair Polres Boalemo IPTU Mahyudin Thalib saat memimpin patroli di pesisir pantai, Selasa (05/12/2024). (Foto: Dok. Polri)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Water Police (Sat Polair) of Boalemo District conducted a patrol along the coastal areas on Tuesday (12/5/2024).

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The activity, accompanied by educating the community, aims to maintain public order and security along the coastline.

The headquarters (Mako) at the Boalemo District Police Water Police station in the Tilamuta Fishing Port area serves as a supporting base for the Water Police services.

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This station is manned by Water Police personnel from Boalemo District Police, scheduled regularly every day. They are tasked with maintaining public order and security in the waters of Boalemo Regency.

Mahyudin Thalib, the Head of Water Police at Boalemo District Police, stated that they regularly patrol the sea routes, especially along the Tilamuta and Bolihuto coastlines, which are frequently visited by tourists.

“Boalemo Regency is a coastal area with the main attraction being maritime tourism scattered along its coastline,” said PTU Mahyudin.

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“We conduct patrols from morning until evening, and even at night, at several points in the waters of Tilamuta and Bolhutuo,” he added.

He explained that this is to assess the public order and security situation along the coastal areas and to prevent maritime accidents, especially during the current period of heavy rainfall in the Boalemo region, which may lead to large waves.

In addition to patrols, they also provide guidance to coastal residents and fishermen to remain vigilant during adverse weather conditions.

“Considering the significant rainfall in the Boalemo region, we also educate coastal residents to stay alert,” he concluded. (*)

Release: Public Relations of Gorontalo Regional Police

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