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Nelson: Civil Servants Urged to Avoid Practical Politics


Nelson: Civil Servants Urged to Avoid Practical Politics

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Nelson: ASN Jangan Berpolitik Praktis
Suasana pelaksana apel perdana awal kerja tahun 2024 di lingkungan Pemerintah Kabupaten Gorontalo

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Approaching the simultaneous elections in 2024, all civil servants (ASN) within the Gorontalo District Government are strictly prohibited from engaging in practical politics.

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This directive aligns with the joint decree (SKB) providing guidelines for the guidance and supervision of the neutrality of civil servants in organizing general elections and simultaneous regional head elections in 2024.

In addition to the SKB, the prohibition of civil servants engaging in practical politics is also stipulated in legal regulations.

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“Civil servants adhere to the principle of neutrality mandated in the Civil Servant Law. The regulations explicitly state that civil servants are prohibited from being members or officials of political parties. Civil servants are also mandated not to favor any influence and not to side with anyone. The lack of neutrality from civil servants would be detrimental to the country, the government, and the public,” said Gorontalo Regent, Nelson Pomalingo.

He emphasizes that if civil servants are not neutral, the most significant impact is the loss of professionalism, and the government’s targets will not be achieved effectively.

Nelson further stated that the political situation might become heated, but civil servants must remain professionally positioned and not take sides with political contestants in elections or regional elections.

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According to him, this does not diminish the voting rights that civil servants have in every democratic event.

“Here, we all agree that whoever competes, whether at the central, regional, or legislative levels, the process aims to determine the best leadership candidates.

Still, we, as civil servants initiating the governance process, must remain neutral regardless of the winner and not engage in practical political activities. There will be consequences for civil servants proven to violate rules by engaging in practical politics,” Nelson emphasized.

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He also added that civil servants are required to fulfill their duty as state servants working solely for the welfare of the people, not for the interests of a particular group or political party.

“The importance of the independence or neutrality of civil servants is one of the indicators for realizing quality elections in the Gorontalo District,” he concluded.(*)

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