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Nelson Encourages KORPRI to Realize Regional Development Vision and Mission


Nelson Encourages KORPRI to Realize Regional Development Vision and Mission

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Bupati Gorontalo, Nelson Pomalingo saat menadi inspektur upacara dalam peringatan HUT KORPRI.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Regent of Gorontalo, Nelson Pomalingo, has called on all officials and members of the Indonesian Civil Servant Corps (KORPRI) to provide the best service to the community.

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This request was made by Nelson Pomalingo during his role as the supervisor of the ceremony commemorating the 52nd anniversary of KORPRI in 2023, at the district level in Gorontalo on Friday (1/12/2023), held at the Gorontalo Regent’s Office courtyard.

In addition to providing maximum service to the public, Nelson also hopes that the officials and members of KORPRI become more solid and can, together with the local government, realize the vision and mission of regional development.

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“By synergizing, collaborating, and innovating, provide excellent service to the community in Gorontalo District,” he said.

In his closing remarks, Nelson expressed appreciation to all KORPRI members who have worked hard and faithfully in carrying out their duties. For those who have retired, it is hoped that they will contribute to regional development by maintaining a spirit of togetherness and unity.

“Therefore, good synergy is desired and can be achieved with a common goal,” concluded Nelson.

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The 52nd-anniversary ceremony of KORPRI was attended by the Secretary of the Region, Roni Sampir, the regent’s expert staff, assistants, OPD leaders, and all civil servants and other invitees. The ceremony was also combined with the launch of the Thursday ASN learning competence development program (ASN News) within the Gorontalo Regency Government. (*)

Author: Deice

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