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Provincial Government Holds Joint Prayer and Dhikr to Welcome the 23rd Anniversary of Gorontalo Province


Provincial Government Holds Joint Prayer and Dhikr to Welcome the 23rd Anniversary of Gorontalo Province

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zikir dan doa bersama
Penjagub Gorontalo saat menyantuni anak yatim piatu dalam zikir dan doa bersama peringatan HUT ke-23 Provinsi Gorontalo. (Foto: Diskominfotik)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Gorontalo Provincial Government held a joint prayer and dhikr at the Governor’s official residence on Sunday night (3/12/2023).

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The event was organized to welcome the 23rd Anniversary of Gorontalo Province, celebrated every December 5.

Acting Governor of Gorontalo, Ismail Pakaya, was accompanied by the Head of the PKK Mobilization Team, Fima Agustina, along with Acting Secretary of the Regional Secretariat, Budiyanto Sidiki.

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“This anniversary is a momentous occasion for the people of Gorontalo,” said Budiyanto Sidiki in his address. He continued to highlight the province’s notable achievements in various fields despite its relatively young age.

“Though Gorontalo Province is still considered young, it has demonstrated the determination to stand on par with other provinces. All of this is by the grace of Allah SWT, and we should always remember and be grateful,” he added.

“We intend to engage in dhikr tonight to express gratitude for all the blessings from Allah SWT and seek forgiveness for any shortcomings,” he emphasized.

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The event was attended by representatives of Forkopimda (Regional Leadership Communication Forum), all heads of regional agencies (OPD), structural and functional officials, as well as representatives from vertical institutions and civil servants from all provincial agencies.

During the event, Ustaz KH. Abdul Manan Ghani delivered a sermon and religious lecture. The dhikr was led by the Qari-Qariah and Hafiz-Hafizah Association of Gorontalo Province, accompanied by additional religious teachings.

In addition to the joint prayer and dhikr, cash assistance was also provided to 100 orphaned children, distributed among five orphanages in the city of Gorontalo. (Release)

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