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Sawaludin Visits Bawaslu, What’s Going On?


Sawaludin Visits Bawaslu, What’s Going On?

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Sawaludin Datangi Bawaslu, Ada Apa_
Caleg DPR RI dari PPP nomor urut 3, Sawaludin ketika diwawancarai usai memberikan klarifikasi di Bawaslu terkait foto caleg bersama Kades Bunggalo.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – DPR RI legislative candidate from PPP, Sawaludin, visited the Gorontalo District Bawaslu on Monday (15/1/2024).

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The number 3 candidate’s arrival was in response to Bawaslu’s invitation as a witness regarding a complaint from the Head of Bunggalo Village, who took a photo with two legislative candidates.

As observed by Hargo.co.id, Sawaludin, wearing a white polo shirt, arrived at Bawaslu after the Dhuhr prayer.

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Upon arrival, Sawaludin underwent an examination, lasting about an hour. Prior to Sawaludin, Gorontalo District DPRD candidate, Hendra Abdul, had already undergone questioning.

After the examination, Sawaludin stated that his visit to Bawaslu was a duty as a good citizen.

“Even though I just arrived from Jakarta, I immediately came to comply with Bawaslu’s invitation,” explained Sawaludin.

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Sawaludin revealed that there were about 15 questions asked of him. He said that he answered all 15 questions based on the existing facts.

“I have provided the requested information, and I have entrusted everything to Bawaslu because I believe Bawaslu has high integrity,” Sawaludin emphasized.

Bawaslu Chairman Alex Kaaba separately stated that Sawaludin and Hendra Abdul were only examined by his office to seek clarification.

Alex added that several others had also been summoned regarding the report on the photo of two candidates with the Head of Bunggalo Village.

“We have asked for statements from the village head, including the child who owns the house when they took the photo together,” explained Alex.

He revealed that, in this case, their actions were currently limited to obtaining statements and clarification.

“It is still limited to summoning witnesses, and regarding disqualification, I think we haven’t reached that point yet because it still requires a comprehensive study,” concluded Alex. (*) 

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Writer: Deice

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