Sawaludin’s Campaign in Golkar Base Welcomed Like a Hero


Sawaludin’s Campaign in Golkar Base Welcomed Like a Hero

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Kampanye Sawaludin
Caleg DPR RI dari PPP Dapil Gorontalo, Sawaludin ketika disambut warga masyarakat Kelurahan Tenda, Kecamatan Hulonthalangi, Kota Gorontalo.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Sawaludin, a prospective member of the Indonesian Parliament from the PPP (United Development Party), conducted a campaign in the Golkar Party base in the city of Gorontalo, specifically in the Tenda Subdistrict, Hulondhalangi District, on Wednesday (27/12/2023).

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The Tenda Subdistrict serves as a stronghold for the Golkar Party, symbolized by the banyan tree, as the party with the distinctive yellow color consistently triumphs in every democratic event, be it legislative elections (Pileg) or regional head elections (Pilkada).

This, however, did not intimidate Sawaludin, the number 3 candidate for the Indonesian Parliament from the PPP.

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In fact, he appeared calm and confident as he entered the Tenda Subdistrict. Along the streets of the area, Golkar Party flags were displayed.

Upon arriving at the campaign location, the residents welcomed Sawaludin like a hero who would advocate for their welfare. The warm reception was reciprocated by the figure born into a humble family, with his characteristic smile, while shaking hands with each resident.

“I was born into poverty, and today I am running as a candidate for the Indonesian Parliament from the PPP Gorontalo to elevate the dignity of the residents in Tenda Subdistrict,” expressed Sawaludin before the residents.

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In the same location, the Chairman of the PPP Gorontalo City Regional Board, Moh. Rivai Bukusu, emphasized that their party is not afraid of anything, including campaigning in the stronghold of other parties.

“Just because there are many flags from other parties, don’t be discouraged, never be afraid just because there are many flags. The main thing is to win PPP on the 14th,” asserted Rivai. (*)

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hari kesaktian pancasila