Students and lecturers from Bastrasia FSB-UNG conducted a language crime counseling at SMAN 6 Gorontalo.


Students and lecturers from Bastrasia FSB-UNG conducted a language crime counseling at SMAN 6 Gorontalo.

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Penyuluhan Kejahatan Berbahasa
Dosen dan mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (Bastrasia) Fakultas Sastra dan Budaya Universitas Negeri Gorontalo (FSB-UNG) saat menggelar penyuluhan di SMAN 6 Kota Gorontalo. (Foto: Jihan P. Mokoginta untuk HARGO)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Department of Indonesian Language and Literature, FSB UNG, held a lecture on Crime Avoidance Language on Tuesday (12/12/2023).

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The event, which took place at SMAN 6 Gorontalo City, was conducted by students and lecturers from the department.

Herman Didipu, the Chair of the Department of Indonesian Language and Literature, explained the language-related crimes in his presentation.

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“The use of hate speech and discriminatory language online is increasingly prevalent and accepted as a normal thing by some users,” he said.

According to him, this has a significant impact on the younger generation, especially early teenagers, causing trauma and alienation.

Moreover, Herman stated that the use of such language can lead to violence, due to the lack of education about language crimes on social media.

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Seeing this phenomenon, lecturers and students from the Department of Indonesian Language and Literature took the initiative to organize an educational socialization.

“This is what triggered our creative idea, students and lecturers collaborating to provide lectures and education related to language crimes to high school students,” he explained.

Furthermore, Herman Didipu, who is also a lecturer, stated that the lecture was part of the Forensic Linguistics course.

“This activity is actually part of the Forensic Linguistics course that we finally packaged in the form of this lecture,” said Herman.

“So, it’s not just students who are educated about language crimes but also students,” he added.

Herman also mentioned that this lecture has been held for the second year. “The main target of this activity is high schools because in terms of thinking patterns and actions, these children still need to be monitored and educated,” he explained.

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Moreover, the rapid use of social media is also one of the main reasons why this activity will continue to be held.

“This lecture focuses on language crimes that often occur on social media, the majority of users are teenagers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the activity carried out by the Department of Indonesian Language and Literature, FSB UNG, was well-received by SMAN 6 Gorontalo City. The school principal, Yolanda Pateda, expressed her gratitude for the education provided to the students.

“As the head of SMAN 6 Gorontalo City, I am very grateful for this lecture,” said Yolanda Pateda. “Thank you for paying attention to the quality of our students who are the successors who need to be educated from an early age. Especially regarding language behavior and its crimes,” she added.

She hopes that activities like this can be carried out regularly so that good coordination can be established between the campus and high schools in Gorontalo.

“So, this collaboration is not only at SMAN 6 but can be implemented in all schools in Gorontalo,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Jihan Pebrianti Mokoginta / Intern Student
Editor: Sucipto Mokodompit

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