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Three Gorontalo Residents Arrested by Police for Assault with Toy Gun


Three Gorontalo Residents Arrested by Police for Assault with Toy Gun

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Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Resmob Team of Rajawali Satrskrim Gorontalo City Police successfully apprehended suspected perpetrators of assault using a toy gun on Sunday (10/12/2023) around 05:00 AM.

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The Head of Criminal Investigation, Commissioner Leonardo Widharta, stated that in this assault, two residents became victims, namely MFM (20) and MFI (18) from Dulalowo Timur Subdistrict, Central City District, Gorontalo City.

The incident itself, according to Leonardo, occurred in Wongkaditi Timur Subdistrict, North City District, precisely at the intersection of Prince Hidayat Street or known as (JDS).

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“After receiving the report, the Rajawali team immediately conducted an investigation and crime scene analysis, as well as checked CCTV recordings.

According to the victim MFM, the perpetrator assaulted using a firearm (pistol),” said Commissioner Leonardo Widharta.

Furthermore, Commissioner Leonardo explained that not waiting long, the Rajawali team arrested seven individuals recorded on CCTV. However, from their interrogation, they were not aware of the assault incident.

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The team then conducted further investigation and identified the characteristics of the perpetrators.

“So after identifying the characteristics of the perpetrators, the Rajawali team immediately moved to apprehend three people, namely IK (19), MA (17). Both are residents of Botu Subdistrict, Dumbo Raya District, Gorontalo City.

In addition to IK and MA, we also arrested ZS (19), a resident of Tanggilingo Village, Kabila District, Bone Bolango Regency,” explained Leonardo.

From the examination results, IK alias Gilang admitted that he committed the assault using a toy gun or a cigarette lighter gun, while his two accomplices also participated in the assault,” said Commissioner Leonardo.

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“At present, the three suspected perpetrators have been handed over to the North City Police for further investigation, and as evidence, one toy firearm (lighter gun) has also been secured,” concluded Commissioner Leonardo. (*)

Author: Rendi Wardani Fathan

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