Utilize Government Assistance According to Its Designation


Utilize Government Assistance According to Its Designation

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Plt Bupati Bone Bolango, Merlan S. Uloli ketika memberikan arahan pada penyerahan PKH dan BPNT di Desa Dutohe Barat, Kecamatan Kabila, Ahad (3/12/2023).

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The Acting Regent of Bone Bolango, Merlan Uloli, reminds recipients of government assistance to make use of the aid in accordance with its intended purpose.

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“Such as the PKH (Family Hope Program) and BPNT (Non-Cash Food Assistance), I hope they can be utilized to the fullest to meet the needs of families and households,” said Merlan during guidance at the distribution of PKH and BPNT in West Dutohe Village, Kabila District, on Sunday (3/12/2023).

Merlan emphasized the emergence of various assistance programs to the community, as the government aims to prevent any of its citizens from experiencing hunger or facing difficulties in meeting daily basic needs.

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“Therefore, I repeatedly remind fathers and mothers to maximize this assistance for daily essentials. Do not spend it on other things,” Merlan cautioned.

“Our toddlers and young children need special attention to their diet. Provide them with nutritious food to ensure they become smart and intelligent children. Of course, by utilizing this social assistance fund to meet their nutritional needs,” he added.

He expressed gratitude on behalf of the local government that assistance from the central government continues to flow to the people.

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This concern is not only for Bone Bolango but for the entire Indonesian population, reflecting the Central Government’s commitment to the well-being of its citizens.

“Therefore, let us continue to be grateful for the existence of this social assistance program by using it according to its designation, namely to fulfill the needs of families, health, and the education of children,” he concluded. (*)

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Author: Rendi Wardani Fathan

hari kesaktian pancasila