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Visiting PPP Boalemo DPC, Sawaludin Shares Insights with Party Cadres


Visiting PPP Boalemo DPC, Sawaludin Shares Insights with Party Cadres

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Dalam lawatannya ke Kabupaten Boalemo, Caleg DPR RI dapil Provinsi Gorontalo dari PPP, Sawaludin tidak hanya melakukan silaturahmi dengan warga. Namun, dirinya juga membangun siaturahmi dengan pengurus, anggota hingga kader DPC PPP di daerah tersebut.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – During his visit to Boalemo Regency, DPR-RI Legislative Candidate for Gorontalo Province from PPP, Sawaludin, not only engaged in socializing with residents but also fostered connections with the officials, members, and cadres of the local PPP Regional Executive Board (DPC).

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The warm and familial interaction, accompanied by coffee, took place on Monday (18/12/2023).

During the occasion, Sawaludin exchanged ideas and shared insights with the officials and cadres of PPP Boalemo, predominantly composed of legislative candidates.

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He also provided motivation for all candidates to strive, endeavor, and pray to maximize their votes.

“For the party’s continuity to become larger and more progressive in the future,” expressed Sawaludin.

He mentioned that despite being new to the political arena, he firmly holds onto commitment and hard work.

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“Commitment is crucial because people will trust others based on the commitment established. Of course, with hard work from all of us.

If we have committed but are not supported by hard work, what we aim for will not materialize,” explained Sawaludin.

Sawaludin also urged all PPP cadres and officials to contribute to the growth and development of the party.

“Let us love and nurture this party properly because with this party, we have the means to advance in the upcoming democratic festivities.

Without the party, we cannot progress, so let us love and protect this party,” he concluded. (*)

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