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Privacy Policy is a business owned by PT Gorontalo Media Gemilang. is committed to protecting the personal data of customers, visitors, vendors, partners, and other related stakeholders. Therefore, in this Personal Data Policy, we consider aspects of technology implementation, human resources, methods, and refer to the applicable laws in Indonesia, such as Ministerial Regulations and other relevant regulations.

This Personal Data Policy on this page helps you understand how collects, the reasons why we collect it, process, analyze, store, use, disclose, provide, distribute, revise or modify, and/or destroy your personally identifiable and acquired Personal Data in connection with the use of the Services.


1. is a news website owned by PT Gorontalo Media Gemilang, engaged in the digital media business.

2. Service(s) means any services and/or products and/or activities or other services in any form that we provide/organize, both provided/organized through the Portal or without the Portal (such as events, and others).

3. Portal means any software application and/or any website and/or any other digital platform, whether existing or future, developed and operated by us and/or our Affiliates, through which our Services can be accessed by you.

4. Customer/User/You/Yourself means any party who uses and/or accesses and/or participates in our Services, both through the Portal and not through the Portal, whether registered on the Portal or not.

5. Personal Data/data means data or information about yourself that we obtain through your use/interaction with the Portal and/or services, both personally identifiable and unidentified, including but not limited to name, address, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, workplace, personal identity, other identity documents, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information that can identify you as a user.

6. Terms of Use means standard operational procedures or other provisions regarding access/use of any Portal or Service provided by us and/or our Affiliates, which may be amended and updated from time to time by us and/or our Affiliates.


This Personal Data Policy applies to all Personal Data in all of our Services and/or our business partners (vendors, partners, and other stakeholders).

Any addition of future products/services will be recognized by us and will immediately follow this Personal Data Policy. In terms of proof, we are not obligated to show our company documents, but we may show a statement document stating that the product or service is genuine, including our services.


We collect, process, use, and provide your Personal Data, including to our Affiliates and/or third parties/our partners, for the following purposes:

1. To provide support or other information;
We may use your Personal Data to provide support or other information related to your usage history, including but not limited to customer complaints, customer calls, customer confirmations related to our services.

2. To provide information about products or updates;
We may use your Personal Data to provide notifications about new product releases, product developments, retargeting, personalized promotions, offers, subscriptions, event participation, or information you may need. This information is not limited to products/services from our services that have been used or have not been used, but also products/services from our Affiliates or our partners that are relevant to your needs. We may use your Personal Data and transaction records to analyze your behavior and use them to provide information about our Services and/or products/services.

3. Analyzing customer behavior to provide better experiences, services, and relevant information;
We use your Personal Data from your interactions with our services to analyze your interests and behavior patterns so that we can provide better experiences, services, promotions, and

relevant information tailored to your needs.

4. To inform you about benefits, programs, and opportunities we provide to you.

5. To communicate with our third parties/partners;
We may share your Personal Data with our third parties/partners related to our business interests and/or Affiliates and/or our other needs, including but not limited to transactions related to our Services and/or our Affiliates that involve customers, related to the needs of our third parties/partners and/or our Affiliates, and other needs. We also provide your Personal Data to our third parties/partners whom we believe can provide content, products, or services that are suitable for your interests. We ensure that these third parties/partners are carefully selected and are obligated to keep your Personal Data secure.

6. To protect our content and Services;
We use Personal Data to prevent potential illegal activities and enforce the Terms of Use. We also use various technological systems to detect unusual activities for misuse, such as spam, plagiarism, hacking, and others.

7. To obtain feedback and suggestions from you from time to time;
We may ask customers for suggestions to make our products/Services more suitable for their needs and interests (for example, through surveys, usage research, group discussions).

All implementations of the contents in section C are carried out in the territorial scope worldwide.


1. We collect the following personally identifiable information directly provided by you:
a. Name
b. Contact information (phone, email)
c. Date of birth
d. Place of birth
e. Demographic information: gender, occupation
f. Personal identification information (ID card, driver’s license, passport, and other personal identification)
g. Emergency contact information
h. Social media profile information
i. Education and employment information
j. Interests and preferences
k. Other information from you that is uploaded or provided to us.

2. We also collect some other information when you use the Portal and/or our services, which includes:
a. Information about the device(s) you use
b. Information about service usage
c. Cookies
d. Authentication data
e. Location information
f. Data recorded through any Affiliate services will also be used to enhance the customer experience across all our business lines and Affiliates.

3. The cookies referred to in item c above are small text files that are sent to and stored on computers, smartphones, or other internet-accessing devices whenever you use our services through the Portal. Cookies are useful because they allow the Portal to recognize user devices. Cookies help us personalize the Portal and cater to user interests and preferences. We use cookies to protect your privacy. Our portal does not use cookies to collect personal information from your device. We never store passwords or similar sensitive data in cookies.

We use “analytics” cookies to help analyze how users access the Portal. By showing us how and when users use the Portal, cookies assist us in identifying popular and unpopular Portal pages and how we can improve the Portal for you. We use “analytics” cookies on the Portal, and therefore, we only provide this cookie information to third-party partners in an aggregate and anonymous (overall) format, with no personally identifiable information.

How can you manage your cookies? Most computers, smartphones, and other web-enabled devices are typically set up to accept cookies. You have the option to control your cookie acceptance and, if desired, you can block them entirely by configuring your internet browser. Please refer to your browser’s documentation to change your preferences regarding these cookies.

Please note that cookies are used to enable and enhance specific functionalities on the Portal. If you choose to disable certain cookies, it may affect the way our Portal operates.


We highly value the confidentiality of your data; therefore, we do not collect any content data from photo albums, instant messaging app communications, or contact/phonebook information stored on your device.


1. The confidentiality of your information and personal data is our top priority. We make every effort and employ the best procedures to protect and ensure the security of personal data. We regularly conduct internal evaluations to enhance security and ensure that the personal data we obtain is encrypted during transmission and storage within our servers. However, we cannot guarantee that our system is entirely immune to unauthorized access, viruses, malware, or disruptions from third parties.

2. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information within the Portal and in connection with the use of the Services, including but not limited to the confidentiality of the passwords used to access accounts on Portal. Please refrain from disclosing and sharing your personal data, including your account passwords, with anyone and ensure the security of your devices. We are not responsible for any losses incurred due to your negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of information in connection with the use of the Services or your Portal account. By accepting these terms, you release us, our directors, commissioners, employees, agents, and/or our affiliates from any claims, lawsuits, damages, and/or demands arising from unauthorized use and/or access to your account.


1. Advertisements displayed on the Portal may be sent to you by our partners, who may utilize cookies. These cookies enable servers on each advertisement to recognize user devices whenever they deliver online ads to collect non-personal data about the users or others using the user’s device.

2. When you use our Portal, certain advertisements may be displayed as products of our partners. Our partners, as third-party vendors, use cookies to serve ads on our Portal.


Creating a Portal account and/or registering for KG Media’s Services and/or its Affiliates is prohibited for individuals under the age of 18 (eighteen) or below the age determined by applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, these matters must be represented by the individual’s legal parent or guardian.

Creating a Portal account and/or registering for Services that specifically target minors must still be represented by the legal parent or guardian.

The use of Services specifically targeted at minors must be under the supervision and approval of the legal parent or guardian.

If a minor provides personal data without being represented by their legal parent or guardian, the legal parent or guardian must contact to request the deletion of irrelevant personal data and cease using the respective Portal account and/or Services (if the Services and/or Portal are not intended for minors).

We are unable to directly ascertain the age of an individual during the creation of a Portal account and/or the use/registration of our Services through the Portal. Customers must release us, our Affiliates, and/or any third-party partners from any claims, lawsuits, and/or demands arising from the customer’s violation of the provisions in section H, and customers shall be fully responsible for any such claims, lawsuits, and/or demands.


  1. User’s Personal Data: We collect Personal Data from Users through various means, including but not limited to when Users visit the Portal, use features, access content provided within the Portal, register as Users, use services, and so on. Users may also be asked to provide data, including but not limited to email addresses, home/office addresses, telephone numbers, and other necessary information.
  2. User’s Non-Personal Data: We may collect non-personal data from Users when they interact with the Portal and/or our services. Any non-personal data may include, but is not limited to, browser names, computer types, phone devices, or other information related to how Users connect with our Portal, such as operating systems, internet services, social media, and other related information.
  3. In the event that you choose to link your social media account or any other third-party account associated with third-party services to Our Services and/or Portal, you may request the third party to provide certain information to Us from your social media account or that third-party service account, and you allow Us to collect, store, and use what they send to Us as described in this Privacy Policy.
  4. Logging Practices: We automatically record the Internet Protocol (IP) address of Users (web-based application) and user sessions (mobile application). We also record some materials to identify users of the Portal, including:
    • Type/version of browser/device
    • Operating system used
    • Date and time of server request
    • Location (latitude and longitude)

    For mobile applications, we use the following materials to identify:

    • Brand and/or type/version of the device
    • Device IMEI
    • Operating system used
    • Date and time of server request
    • Location (latitude and longitude)
    • Other information provided by the operating system, browser, or device.

    This identification is used across all our Services and Portal to enable the understanding of Customer data between products/Services. This creates greater opportunities for Us to provide better services to Customers.

  5. External Links Behavior: Some of Our Services/Portal may contain links to other websites/applications created and managed by third parties/our partners. When you enter such other websites/applications, please be aware that we are not responsible for the data collection or content of those websites/applications or any information they may collect, even if our name or logo may appear on those websites/applications. We ask you to be cautious when leaving our Portal and to read the privacy policies of those other websites/applications you visit, as their privacy policies may differ from ours.
  6. Do Not Track (DNT): DNT is a self-regulatory initiative designed by the online advertising industry to provide choices in the types of ads they may see and select from online behavioral ads provided by participating companies. We do not respond to DNT settings in your browser.
  7. If you are no longer a registered User or no longer use our services, Personal Data will be retained by Us for at least 5 (five) years from the last date you were a registered User or from the last date you used Our Services/accessed the Portal, or for any other period as required by applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia.
  8. Response to Legal Requests: We reserve the right to provide your information to respond to requests for your Personal Data from Government authorities and/or authorized agencies as required by law.


1. By using the Portal and/or Our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Privacy Policy and all its changes that We make from time to time, and you consent to Us using, implementing, processing, and transferring your Personal Data as stated in this Privacy Policy.

2. You also acknowledge and agree to provide all the information provided to Us and grant Us the authority to delete, use, and disclose your Personal Data to Our Affiliates and/or other third parties (such as our partners, vendors, and others) to support Our Services and/or Portal and Our business activities and Affiliates.


1. If you are a registered User, you can review, revise, and correct your Personal Data through the User profile settings on the Portal.

2. You can revoke your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Data and/or request the deletion of your stored Personal Data by contacting Us through the contact information provided in Section O below.


1. If you wish to unsubscribe from newsletters in your email, please follow the unsubscribe or subscribe options located at the bottom corner of each Portal.

2. We may send emails, including invitations to participate in user surveys, feedback as visitors or users, and information about existing or developing services.

3. If you communicate with Us via email, We may retain and/or store the contents of your email messages, including the conversation history between Us and you and the email address and information you provide during the communication.

4. If you choose to send emails to Us, please note that the information contained in those emails is not secure or encrypted and may be visible to others. Therefore, you should exercise caution when sending any confidential information via email to Us. In this regard, We are not responsible for any emails you send to Us, and We have no obligation to provide assistance in any detrimental events.


1. KG Media and Users hereby agree to make every effort to reach an amicable settlement within a maximum of 30 (thirty) working days from the date one party receives a written notice from the other party.

2. If the dispute cannot be resolved through amicable settlement within the specified time, the dispute may be resolved by following the relevant laws and regulations.

3. Language: This Privacy Policy may be created in languages other than Indonesian. In the event of any inconsistency between the Indonesian version and other languages, the Indonesian version shall prevail.

N. CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY POLICY may change this Privacy Policy from time to time by displaying the modified version on each respective Portal. You acknowledge and agree that KG Media and/or its Affiliates have the right to unilaterally change this Privacy Policy from time to time, and therefore you declare that you diligently and periodically review and read this Privacy Policy. By continuing to access the Portal and/or continuing to use any KG Media Services, you are deemed to have understood, submitted, and agreed to this Privacy Policy and any changes thereto. If any part of the Privacy Policy is deemed invalid or unenforceable, it does not affect the validity of other provisions.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the use of Personal Data, please contact Us at:
Graha Pena Gorontalo 5th Floor
Jl. Jhon Aryo Katili, No. 144, Kel. Paguyaman, Kec. Kota Tengah, Kota Gorontalo, Gorontalo Province.

Phone/WhatsApp: +62 812 4315 775


This Privacy Policy was last updated and modified on January 23, 2022. By using Our Portal or Services, you are deemed to agree to this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to all its modifications.
This Privacy Policy is subject to and shall be interpreted based on the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia.