Gorontalo Regency DPRD Assesses Telaga Health Center for Neglecting to Provide Services to Patients


Gorontalo Regency DPRD Assesses Telaga Health Center for Neglecting to Provide Services to Patients

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Layanan Puskesmas Telaga
Komisi lll DPRD Kabupaten Gorontalo saat turun langsung ke Puskesmas telaga, Senin (4/12/2023).

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Hendra Abdul, a member of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of Gorontalo Regency, has spoken out regarding an incident involving a resident who did not receive services from the Telaga Health Center.

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Hendra, a member of the DPRD Kabupaten Gorontalo’s Commission III, assesses that the Telaga Health Center has been negligent in providing health services to the community.

“This is based on the analysis of the dialogue we conducted when we went to the location, where the health center made a mistake by not having personnel in the Emergency Room (UGD).

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Regarding their reasons for not being in the ER because they were in the delivery room, that will be used as a comparison later. However, for us, the negligence occurred in the first place,” Hendra explained.

This representative of the Telaga constituency continued by stating that the identification conducted by their party regarding the residents’ complaints about the Telaga Health Center’s services would be continued by hearing explanations from the family.

“We have only heard from one party. Because the family is currently conducting a memorial prayer. After the prayer is finished, we will communicate with the victim’s family.

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However, there is also CCTV at the location, and we will see from the CCTV whether someone did knock on the door to enter the delivery room at that time or not,” explained the PPP politician.

This two-term representative added that, in essence, Commission III of the DPRD Kabupaten Gorontalo does not make premature judgments. However, according to Hendra, the first-level service or the first response from the Health Center did not proceed as expected.

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“But for us, Commission III provides recommendations to the regional government, placing each in its respective portion according to its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and there will be appropriate actions,” Hendra clarified.

He added that addressing the issue is not just about listening to explanations from various parties. If necessary, according to Hendra, Commission III of the DPRD Kabupaten Gorontalo will simulate the incident.

“And from the simulation, if it is proven that the victim’s husband, along with the victim, did come to the health center and did not receive services, we must accept it, and there may be legal implications,” Hendra emphasized. (*)

Author: Deice

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