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Police Seem Reluctant to Take Action Against Excavators at Taluditi Mining Site


Police Seem Reluctant to Take Action Against Excavators at Taluditi Mining Site

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Ilustrasi PETI gunakan alat berat Ekskavator. PETI Taluditi
Ilustrasi PETI gunakan alat berat Ekskavator.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – For the local residents, unauthorized gold mining activities (known as PETI) in Taluditi are nothing new.

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The constant presence of heavy equipment, such as excavators, in the mining area has become a familiar sight.

Not only the residents, but the existence of heavy equipment, specifically excavators, engaging in PETI activities in Taluditi, has also been acknowledged by the police, as stated by the Taluditi Police Chief, Inspector Jefriansyah Tangahu.

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However, instead of taking decisive measures to stop such activities, the Taluditi Police seem to be allowing and unwilling to take action against those involved in PETI activities in the Taluditi District, Pohuwato Regency.

Even though they are aware that the heavy equipment passing through belongs to the mining location, the Taluditi Police have not taken any firm action.

When asked about the decisive actions of the Taluditi Police, Inspector Jefriansyah Tangahu stated,

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“For now, the Taluditi Police are only taking persuasive steps by advising illegal miners in the Taluditi District to cease their activities.”

“At the moment, there hasn’t been any such action. What I mentioned earlier is that our actions are still limited to persuasive measures,” he added.

He mentioned that after the incident where two residents lost their lives at the Taluditi mining site some time ago, several excavators have started to withdraw.

According to Jefri’s information from the Taluditi Police members, three excavators have already been reported to have left the location.

“Based on information from our members, some have withdrawn. I said, ‘Yes, let them withdraw because since this incident, I have been saying that everyone should withdraw.’

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Whatever is up there, I told them to withdraw everything,” said Inspector Jefriansyah.(*)

Author: Riyan Lagili

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