Regarding Arjun Jakatara, Chief of Detectives at Pohuwato Regional Police: Investigation Based on Valid Evidence


Regarding Arjun Jakatara, Chief of Detectives at Pohuwato Regional Police: Investigation Based on Valid Evidence

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Soal Arjun Jakatara, Kasat Reskrim Polres Pohuwato: Penyidikan Berdasarkan Alat Bukti yang Sah
Kasat Reskrim Polres Pohuwato, IPTU Faisal.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The case involving Arjun Jakatara (56) is currently undergoing trial. Responding to allegations of violence against residents of Marisa Selatan Village, Marisa Subdistrict, Pohuwato Regional Police through the Chief of Detectives, Inspector Faisal Ariyoga A Harianja, stated that there was no violence during the questioning of Arjun.

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“None,” replied Inspector Faisal when asked about allegations of violence.

He also explained that regarding the riot case involving miners in Pohuwato in September 2023, currently in court, they, as investigators, detained the suspects based on valid evidence.

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“We, as investigators, detain based on valid evidence. It will be proven in court,” he said.

Previously, Arjun Jakatara, the defendant in the riot and vandalism case, claimed not to be involved in the September 21, 2023, riot. At that time, he had just returned from the plantation and was about to collect his payment for husking corn.

Haris, the corn boss where Arjun worked, also confirmed that Arjun, along with several other farm workers, had just finished harvesting corn in his field in Botubilotahu Village, Marisa Subdistrict.

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Arjun and some workers agreed to receive payment at a house in front of Pohuwato University, not far from Pohuwato Regional Police.

“After work around 1 p.m., we went down to the village at 3 p.m., and around half past 4, I paid them. After receiving their wages, suddenly a crowd ran into the alley in front of the campus because they were being chased by the police. I and others ran inside.

Now Arjun and my son stayed on the street because they thought they had done nothing. Suddenly they were arrested. He (Arjun) was accused of causing damage on the mountain, but what time did that happen, and he (Arjun) finished work with me at 1 p.m.,” Haris explained Arjun’s chronology before his arrest. (*)

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Author: Riyan Lagili

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