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Regent Merlan Inaugurates New DPRD Building in Bone Bolango


Regent Merlan Inaugurates New DPRD Building in Bone Bolango

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Bupati Merlan Resmikan Gedung Baru DPRD Bone Bolango
Bupati Bone Bolango, Merlan Uloli ketika memberikan sambutan pada kegiatan peresmian gedung baru DPRD Bone Bolango, Jumat (26/1/2024). (Foto: Yudi)

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The DPRD of Bone Bolango now has a new building located behind the Bone Bolango auditorium. The new building was constructed using the regional budget (APBD).

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On Friday (26/1/2024), the building was officially inaugurated. The inauguration was marked by the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Chairman of the Bone Bolango DPRD, Halid Tangahu, and the plaque signing by the Regent of Bone Bolango, Merlan Uloli, witnessed by the Secretary of the Regional Government (Sekda) Ishak Ntoma, and Vice Chairman of DPRD Azan Piola.

“With the name of Allah, I officially inaugurate this magnificent building,” said Merlan.

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Merlan hopes that with the new building, the legislators of Bone Bolango will be more comfortable in advocating for the aspirations of the entire community.

On that occasion, Merlan also expressed his hope for increased collaboration and synergy between the executive and legislative branches, ultimately leading to the progress and self-reliance of the region.

“With collaboration between the executive and legislative branches of Bone Bolango Regency, the region will progress and become more self-reliant,” emphasized the first female regent in Gorontalo Province. (*)

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Writer: Rendi Wardani Fathan

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