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Sad News, Senior Actress Kiki Fatmala Passes Away


Sad News, Senior Actress Kiki Fatmala Passes Away

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Kabar Duka Kiki Fatmala
Kabar Duka, Artis Senior Kiki Fatmala Tutup Usia. (Instagram)

Hargo.co.id, JAKARTA – Sad news once again envelops the entertainment industry in the homeland. Senior actress Kiki Fatmala is reported to have passed away.

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As reported by JPNN.com, this sad news was conveyed through Kiki Fatmala’s official Instagram account on Friday (1/12).

“We would like to announce the passing of our beloved Kiki Fatmala, not only a dear family member but also a friend known by many,” wrote the contents of the post.

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Kiki Fatmala took her last breath at the age of 56, due to complications from cancer.

In the caption, the family requested understanding for various parties who love Kiki to provide privacy for the mourning moment.

The family expressed appreciation for the public’s interest in honoring her memory.

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However, they chose to hold a closed and private memorial service only for family and close friends.

“We ask for your respect and understanding to give us space to mourn and remember Kiki Fatmala in a calm and intimate atmosphere,”

Previously, Kiki Fatmala had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

The latest news stated that Kiki had survived cancer but still needed to be monitored by doctors. (JPNN.com)



*) This article has been published on JPNN.com, with the title: “Sad News, Kiki Fatmala Passes Away Due to Complications of Cancer”. On Friday, December 1, 2023 edition.

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