2,641 Families in Tabongo Receive Rice Assistance, Nelson: Up to the Next 6 Months


2,641 Families in Tabongo Receive Rice Assistance, Nelson: Up to the Next 6 Months

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2.641 KPM di Tabongo Dapat Bantuan Beras, Nelson: Hingga 6 Bulan Kedepan
Bupati Gorontalo, Nelson Pomalingo, menyerahkan secara simbolis bantuan CPP kepada warga Kecamatan Tabongo.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – A total of 2,641 beneficiary families in the Tabongo Subdistrict received rice assistance from the government.

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Gorontalo Regent, Nelson Pomalingo, stated that the 10-kilogram rice assistance would continue for the next six months.

“The CPP program assistance will be received by residents until June 2024,” said Nelson while distributing CPP assistance in the Tabongo Subdistrict on Saturday (2/3/2024).

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He added that the CPP assistance distributed now is for January, and soon it will be distributed for February.

“It means residents will receive it for six months, and every month each beneficiary family is entitled to receive 10 kg,” Nelson added.

He revealed that there are 50,959 CPP assistance recipients in the Gorontalo District.

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This data is collected from each region and advocated by the Gorontalo District government.

In 2024, various assistance programs are provided by the government to the community, and they should be utilized properly.

According to Nelson, the purpose of providing assistance is to alleviate the cost of living for the people.

“Basically, the assistance provided by the government is to ease the lives of the people,” he explained.

Nelson stated that the CPP program assistance is temporary and cannot be the main source.

“The main thing is for the people to remain enthusiastic to continue being productive; for farmers, continue their activities in planting and cultivating,” he conveyed.

Finally, he hoped that the food resilience agency and village government would expedite the distribution of assistance. (*)

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