Here’s How Gorontalo City Financial Agency Achieves Property Tax Target (PBB-P2)


Here’s How Gorontalo City Financial Agency Achieves Property Tax Target (PBB-P2)

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Begini Cara Badan Keuangan Kota Gorontalo Wujudkan Target PBB-P2 - Bebas Pajak Kos-kosan Kota Gorontalo - Inflasi
Kepala Badan Keuangan Kota Gorontalo, Nooryanto.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Gorontalo City Financial Agency has a special approach to meet the 2024 property tax (PBB) P2 target.

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The approach involves engaging the citizens of Gorontalo City. Residents will be involved in distributing PBB tax payment letters while also raising awareness about the importance of paying PBB-P2.

“We will involve the community in achieving this year’s PBB-P2 target,” said Head of Gorontalo City Financial Agency, Nooryanto, on Saturday (1/20/2024).

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In addition to residents, Nooryanto added that they would also collaborate with district government organizations (OPD) at the sub-district, village, and neighborhood levels.

“We will involve neighborhood and community empowerment institutions in distributing these tax payment letters,” he emphasized.

Nooryanto explained that they would provide an incentive of Rp 5,000 for each distributed PBB tax payment letter.

“We have allocated incentives of Rp 5,000 for each PBB tax payment letter that has been distributed and received by PBB-P2 taxpayers,” said Nooryanto.

“At present, we are preparing for the printing of the 2024 PBB tax payment letters, which are scheduled to be distributed in early April 2024. This is because there are several PBB objects that have undergone changes related to the NJOP or land and building objects according to field conditions,” added Nooryanto.

It’s worth noting that this year’s PBB-P2 target is set at Rp 13,500,000,000, as stated in this year’s regional budget (APBD).

“We will strive to achieve the realization of the 2024 PBB from the target set in the APBD. We hope that PBB taxpayers will fulfill their obligations according to the regulations,” concluded Nooryanto.

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On that occasion, Nooryanto also revealed that they had prepared awards for villages with the highest PBB achievement exceeding the target.

“The awards come in the form of additional budget allocations or other goods for the operational needs of the village,” concluded Nooryanto.(*)

Writer: Rendi Wardani Fathan”

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