Towards Golden Gorontalo 2045, Nelson: Requires Collaboration of All Parties


Towards Golden Gorontalo 2045, Nelson: Requires Collaboration of All Parties

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Gorontalo Nelson
Bupati Gorontalo, Nelson Pomalingo yang juga sebagai deklarator Provinsi Gorontalo saat duduk bersama mantan penjagub pertama Tursandi Alwi pada perayaan HUT KE-23 Provinsi Gorontalo.

Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – The hope for the development of Gorontalo Province aligns with the aspirations of its founders, especially the fighters who expelled colonizers from the land of Gorontalo.

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This hope was expressed by Regent Gorontalo, Nelson Pomalingo, during his attendance at the plenary session held by the Gorontalo Provincial DPRD to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of Gorontalo Province on Tuesday (12/5/2023).

Nelson, also the declarator of the establishment of Gorontalo Province, explained that the aspirations for establishing Gorontalo Province include various aspects.

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“Among them, the people can feel prosperity, receive maximum services from the government, and strengthen the identity and dignity of the Gorontalo people,” continued Nelson.

He also stated that the aspirations of the predecessors must be implemented. Moreover, according to Nelson, the government has set the goal for Gorontalo to become prosperous and Indonesia to achieve prosperity by 2045.

“We still have approximately 20 years to achieve that. But this requires collaboration from all of us,” emphasized the two-term regent.

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On that occasion, Nelson also expressed his assessment of Gorontalo Province. According to him, so far, Gorontalo has experienced significant development. One visible fact is the decrease in the poverty rate since the year 2000, from 35% to 15%.

“Services are also running well, there have been many territorial expansions of regencies,

and now there are already secaba (basic military training), SPN (Police Education Center), and universities that continue to grow,

including the budget that used to be only IDR 300 billion, now it’s almost IDR 12 trillion, so it has increased about 40 times,” he explained.

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He further mentioned that for human resource development, many doctors and professors have been produced. However, according to Nelson, with these changes, there are still many tasks to be completed, especially in addressing poverty and improving the quality of services.

Nelson revealed that Gorontalo Regency has become representative of Gorontalo Province. He elaborated on the development he has undertaken while serving as the regent of Gorontalo.

“Where now we can see many facilities in the regency that we have built, including the Limboto Cultural Park, which can illustrate the face of Gorontalo Province,” Nelson concluded. (*)

Author: Deice

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